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Q & A :

Never received logins:  Check your junk email, then email your Agency Director if you are unable to locate it. Key words to search Model Talent Management Agency, MTM,

How to log in: Your user name is your email address & your password is whatever you set it to be when you went to the link that was emailed to you

Got my logins now What: Now that you have your logins it is important that you log into your profile and go through each tab on the left-hand side and enter in as much information as you possible can. This will increase you chances on being chosen for any job, as 90% of those are searchable attributes for the directors. Or they are things that we need in order to get you paid for the work that you have done.

How to upload your Resume: Click on Profile on the left hand side, then click on the upload button right next to Resume (bottom left) drag and drop the images from the file you have them saved, or you can click on the different links to access your computer to open the file and add them to the file!  Make sure that you have the word Resume in the name of the file so that it will show on your URL.

Resume not appearing to of uploaded correctly: This happens if you do not have the word Resume in the file name of your upload, so go back and resave the file with resume in the name.

How to delete my Resume: You cannot, please contact your director to have them remove the resume from your site.  You can upload a new one at any point but the old one will still show, until it has been removed.

How to reach your personal website/electronic Comp card: You have your very own website that will host your approved pictures, have your attributes, and resume all at a click of a button for all clients! Just go to the URL- first name-your last name, as long as that is what is displayed as your display name! You can also get the link by login into your profile and then clicking on Profile then the view button after the portfolio URL. 

What is the personal website/electronic Comp Card used for: This is your own personal tool. This can be used by yourself or by the director to send to potential clients. This link can be posted to your Facebook and Instagram. It allows for you to have an online presents in a professional way.

 How to upload photos & Demos: Click on Images for Pictures and Videos for Demos (right hand side), click the blue Upload button (bottom right corner) drag and drop the images from the file you have them saved, or you can click on the different links to access your computer to open the file and add them to the file!

Not seeing Photos & Demos on Website: Don’t freak, your pictures must be approved by your Agency Director before they will be published to the website. Send the director an email or call and let them know that you have taken the time to set up your portal!

Adding Contacts: Click on contact on the left-hand side, click the add button on the right-hand side. Select the type of contact you are adding then click save. You can add as many as you would like, but do not add a Primary email, this you need to email to your director so that they can remove and update the system, as this is the email address that is used for log in.

Don’t see my issue: Then Please contact our support desk at

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